With summer just around the corner, the folks at Tubby Dog are planning world domination starting with the launch of TUBBY ON THE GO – an all-inclusive meal kit complete with a disposable, eco-friendly, one-time-use CasusGrill, Tubby’s signature Ukrainian sausages (“the Ukey”) and spicy grainy mustard, fresh buns from Calgary Italian Bakery, Tall Boys from Annex Ales and Twinkies for dessert!

Fun for all ages, outdoors and distanced – this kit is sure to be a staple this summer for road trips, backyards, balconies, picnics and more.

The kit retails for $50 +gst and comes in a reusable tote. Add $10 for box for the perfect gift or door drop off all season long.

Email tubbydog@shaw.ca to order or DM @tubbydog on Instagram – and check out the word on the street: Avenue Magazine, Calgary Herald, and Daily Hive Calgary.