A list like this sort of table stakes, so we’ll do it. But what we really do is whatever it takes to solve problems for our clients or help them make the most of an opportunity.  

Public Relations/Media Relations

Brand Management

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and Consultation

Influencer & Brand Partnerships

Event Development 

Business Development

Community Investment

Hospitality Consultation

We’re invested in our clients and make sure we come to the table ready to serve them.

We work with clients we believe in and can provide the most value to.

So far, this philosophy has led to a portfolio that is predominantly occupied by brands and individuals operating in the travel, entertainment, sport, and food & beverage industries. 

We build strong bridges between our clients and their target consumers through a mix of traditional and collaborative out-of-the-box methods. The only thing that’s consistent across all of our clients is the custom element. We don’t believe in templates and think the only thing that should be handled with a cookie-cutter approach is cookie dough. 

The only thing that works harder than us is our network, and we never stop using it to get the word out.