It’s finally ready.

It has been a really extraordinary (almost) two years and many of you have been keeping up with my adventures via social media. Today – I’m excited to share that all things BONAFIDE now has a digital home. Here, folks will be able to find out who we’re working with, what we’ve been up to and what we’ve got cookin’ (and a few odds and ends in between).

Over the past week, I’ve been working around the clock putting finishing touches on and a few people have been absolutely shocked that I haven’t had a website up until now. Well, the short answer is: my business has been completely based on client and network referrals (and there’s no bigger compliment than that, right?). Thank you so much to those who have shared my story and believe in my work. I am truly humbled each time a conversation starts with “so and so gave me your number…”. I’m grateful to have amazing support from friends, family, clients and peers from coast to coast.

There are not enough words to thank Chris at Destroythebox Creative for designing this beautiful website. Chris, growing my business alongside yours has been a total joy. Thank you for being an amazing cheerleader, confidant and collaborator. I am so proud of the work we do together for clients and even more proud to call you my friend.

It’s crazy how many pictures I had to go though to include on these pages (I’d accumulated a couple thousand on my phone alone!) and it was really lovely to take a walk down memory lane…Thank you to those who were kind enough to be an extension of me when I couldn’t be in two places at once, thank you to those who’ve slugged it out with me wrapping presents each Christmas and to those who have just lent a helping hand (or storage space – ha).

Being a small business owner is one thing – but being a one-woman show has been quite the adventure I’d never be on without a lot of help from the best tribe a gal could ever ask for.

The term #supportsmallbiz means more to me now more than ever.

So, take a look around…Check out some of my most memorable moments over the past couple years and meet the amazing people I have the privilege of representing.

We are BONADFIDE…and there’s no one else like us.