Geena Kim is currently a student at SAIT and as a requirement for the journalism program, she will be joining the BONAFIDE tribe for eight weeks to lead social media and management of Foreign Concept’s #teamjinhee Top Chef Canada Viewing Parties.

Geena is passionate about food, fashion and travel and we’re excited to have her onboard to support an exciting campaign for Chefs Duncan Ly and Jinhee Lee.

We sat down with Geena to find out more about her:

What brings you to the world of PR?
I am currently attending school for a Bachelor in Communication Studies and a diploma in Journalism in a 2+2 program at SAIT and the University of Calgary. During my time at SAIT, I was able to take classes in PR and I fell in love. I had feed my urge to learn more so I sought out a practicum in PR.

Where would you take out-of-towners to eat, drink and play in Calgary?
I always love taking out-of-towners to see and hike in Banff and Lake Louise. It may sound overrated, but we are so blessed to have such a gorgeous mountain range so close to Calgary that it’s always one of my go-to activities. I also love to karaoke and Sole is one of my favourites to go singing and enjoying their soju cocktails!

I love eating out so this was a hard one to answer. I love going to Vero for eggs benny, Foreign Concept for their Cha Ca La Vong Trout, Native Tongues for tacos, and Anju for late night eats.

What is your favourite city to eat, drink and play?
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to travel very much, but I always love going back to Seoul. There are so many good eats from cheap street food to high end restaurants. The shopping is always amazing and the drinking culture is so much fun. I love playing the different drinking games while enjoying a variety of anju with good company.

What are you listening to in your car right now?
My current playlist is overrun by Cardi B and J Cole.

What are you most excited to learn about from your time as BONAFIDE’s intern?
I am most excited to learn about how to the utilize the skills that I’ve learned to provide the best service. Utilizing my skills to learn what clients want and how to deliver based on those wants is something I would love get better at.