Brands vs. Logos
Designers vs. Fiverr
Paid work vs. Free work

Sensitive topics when you’re talking to marketing pros and small businesses with varying budgets and objectives (I have conversations about these all the time!) so here’s what I’ll tell you:

It took us forever to make decisions around BONAFIDE’s brand refresh. It’s a BIG decision and it had to feel right.

It was a very thoughtful process. Professional designers will do a deep dive into your brand, tell you what prompted them to present certain ideas to you and not others, show you the legwork they did to make sure you’re getting original, unique work that should excite you.

It was REALLY scary to finally unveil. The boldness and in-your-face BOOM of my new BONAFIDE is SO extra compared to my OG logo. I was really freaked out but y’know what – it really does feel like us, TODAY. Change is awesome and sometimes uncomfortable – we love it.

Shoutout to Calgary-born, NYC & LA based sisters to kick-off International Women’s Week – Alli and Kim Truch of Biggs & Co., thank you for the glow up…It feels fantastic.

Friends, click here and tell me what YOU think of BONAFIDE’s new look…We’d love to hear from you!

Are you looking to take the plunge with a new look or feel for your brand or business? Connect with us at…We’d be happy to introduce you to fantastic designers in our network.