The past few weeks have been busy here at BONAFIDE HQ with many of our clients re-launching after COVID-19 closures and opening under many new safety measures and precautions. Little did we know our phones would be ringing off the hook with our network tapping into our thoughts, looking for candid conversation and asking for advice around diversity and cultural appropriation in culinary.

Being one of few lifestyle/hospitality/culinary focused communications and PR agencies owned by a woman of colour and the current sensitivities around race and inclusivity – we believe it’s important to formally offer our services and expertise.

Of course, there’s no manual or instruction guide around the tough conversations we’ve had with chefs, restaurants, bloggers and even media around the topic – but we have first-hand experience and today – more than ever – we know this counts.

Our clients, Edmonton-based RGE RD owners Blair Lebsack and Caitlin Fulton came to us wanting to formalize their commitment to equality in their properties. They have an incredibly diverse team of professionals both in the kitchen and front of house – but they also be held accountable for doing what they can to ensure RGE RD is participating in culinary events celebrating inclusivity and in promotions. Blair and Caitlin released the following messages to their friends and fans from coast-to-coast:


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The results were overwhelmingly positive, supportive and hopeful and we are proud to work with clients who are willing to take a stand for equality in hospitality.

We welcome the opportunity to assist chefs, restauranteurs and brands in diversity and inclusivity strategy and consultation – connect with us at and let’s start a conversation.