To commemorate the Italian Centre Shop’s 60 years serving Alberta, we commissioned our dear friend and collaborator, Kevin Kossowan of Story Chaser Productions to create a series of digital shorts to help tell the Italian Centre Shop’s story from the eyes of the employees, customers and community.

Unveiled today was the first of three, featuring longtime customer and head pizzaiola at the Little Italy location, Pina Tagliente.

A year in the making, BONAFIDE identified storylines from within the organization and the community at large to highlight how the shop’s core values established by Mr. Frank Spinelli in 1959 remain very strong and a key factor in the company’s continued growth today. As the Italian Centre Shop story has been told many times over six decades, BONAFIDE saw this as an incredible chance to tie together the historic milestone being celebrated and the many lives the Edmonton-based brand has touched over six decades.

Featured in the series are:

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