As one of Top Chef Canada’s most memorable contestants, season 4 finalist and Co-owner/Executive Chef of Toronto’s The Good Son, Chef Vittorio Colacitti came highly recommended when the Italian Centre Shop required an Ital-Canadian chef for their grand opening and an event showcasing truffle season. It was through this literal sequence of events that BONAFIDE made Vittorio’s acquaintance.

In light of the natural connection we felt off the bat, and the then-upcoming opening of his new restaurant in Hamilton, ON, Vittorio was open to the idea of sourcing out-of-province PR and marketing support to capture the perspective of a visitor to the area. With the City of Hamilton’s focus on attracting tourists, it was important to Vittorio that his story be shared with an expanded network across Canada, especially the West.

Through BONAFIDE, Chef Colacitti has fostered relationships across the country that have led to projects and partnerships with AllSaints, Switzerland Cheese Canada, Breville Canada, DuBreton, and Zwilling Canada.

We continue to cheer Chef Colacitti on from the sidelines as he grows his tasty culinary empire.

Photo credits:
Theresa Tayler
Dong Kim
Truefitt & Hill


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