Opened in 2008, and since proclaimed Canada’s largest wine bar, Vin Room has established itself as the go-to destination for a truly authentic wine lover’s experience. Boasting 100+ wines by the glass, vino aficionado and food lover, Phoebe Fung has worked to curate an extensive wine collection from around the world, while pairing each bottle and glass with global flavours and delectable cuisine.

An avid traveller, Phoebe always longed for refuge at a local wine bar during long layovers and delays at the airport. When the Calgary Airport Authority began discussing the expansion of YYC’s airport, Phoebe knew that the new International Terminal was the perfect spot for Vin Room’s third location.

As the launch of the new YYC Airport Terminal approached, Phoebe quickly realized that there would be some challenges associated with Vin Room being located in the post-security section of the terminal. A media event and launch party was not even a possibility, so she knew that they would have to get innovative in order to accomplish PR that would garner excitement around and encourage people to experience the new space.

BONAFIDE refinined Phoebe’s brand, making it more approachable to those who had never experienced Vin Room before in Calgary, as well as launched her story alongside the opening of the new airport location in November 2016. Since people were not able to come and verify the experience for themselves, we had to find a way let them vicariously understand what Vin Room’s new location was all about. Storytelling through print and traditional media was one of the primary tools that was used to successfully accomplish this. Now, when people pass through YYC’s International Terminal, they know that Vin Room is not only the place to be for the best wine and food at the airport, it’s also one of Calgary’s best restaurant experiences and, even better, a locally owned and operated experience in the midst of an international terminal.

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Dong Kim


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Jessie spent a long time learning about Vin Room and doing her own research so that she was able to tell my story eloquently. Too often entrepreneurs are too close to their own stories to be able to articulate it properly, but Jessie is amazing at telling the story behind the entrepreneur. She is also not afraid to tell you what you’re doing wrong, which is super important. Honest feedback is valuable to every small business owner.

– Phoebe Fung, Owner, The Vin Room