A small country with huge flavour that we love sharing with the world.

The goal at Switzerland Cheeses is simple: produce quality, mouthwatering cheese while helping to preserve the beauty and integrity of our country’s gorgeous grassland, pastures, rolling hills, admirable mountains and endless fields.

By making natural and healthy cheeses from Switzerland a part of your menu, you’re opening up a culinary portal to experience the most delicious dairy available while supporting one of the most naturally beautiful places on the planet in an industry that is committed to sustainable village dairy and farming practices.

Switzerland Cheese Marketing International – Canada approached BONAFIDE after observing the launch of the Italian Centre Shop’s Calgary store opening. As a long time partner of the Italian Centre Shop – the team at SCMI saw an opportunity to work with pros to evolve their brand and get a better understanding of consumer marketing strategies that can be executed alongside their retailer demo program.

BONAFIDE led a team of pros to redesign and refine the SCMI Canada brand and website, make industry introductions, create content and collateral, develop image archive, increase earned media opportunities and support a brand activation at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo.

Photo credits:
Theresa Tayler
Jess Kostka