SABOR is a sophisticated, romantic, Iberian-style restaurant located in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown core, that brings people together over a mutual passion for great food and equally lovely company. Christian Mena and Adelino Oliveira, childhood friends who were raised in Edmonton with Latin roots, opened Sabor Divino in 2008. By 2014, they had established a strong following, but both Christian and Chef Lino realized that their growth had plateaued. To take their restaurant to the next level and elevate their position in the public eye, they’d need some PR and branding help. Enter BONAFIDE.

Industry friends connected us with Christian and Lino and we got to work. Sabor Divino became SABOR, and their physical space got a makeover, they gained OceanWise certification, and patrons were introduced to a new menu and concept in August, 2014. Since then, the duo’s passion for old school hospitality has positioned them as a leader in Edmonton’s culinary scene and paved the way for future food ventures. 

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Tweedy Studios
Theresa Tayler


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