‘Ono Poke Co brings authentic Hawaiian poke to the prairies and the heart of Edmonton’s downtown core and opened June 2017. Executive Chef Lawrence Hui grew up in a family where where large feasts were at the centre of every celebration and every celebration was attended by family and friends. In Lawrence’s home, the kitchen was always the happiest room in the household and with this in mind, he made it his vision to create an offering that brings a new cuisine to Edmonton’s growing and adventurous foodie scene. Similar to Hawaii’s cultural diversity, Edmonton’s ethnic mix makes for a great place to introduce the combined flavours of the Philippines, Portugal, Korea, Japan, China and even Puerto Rico.  

In order to launch the ‘Ono Poke Co. brand and its authenticity, Chef Lawrence and his partners realized getting public relations, marketing and branding support was necessary. With a strong culinary concept in hand, they met with a variety of different marketing and public relations agencies before being introduced to BONAFIDE (a referral that came from two separate, well-respected design firms). Within only a few months since their first meeting, BONAFIDE has worked to create an authentic approach to Lawrence’s vision, creating the foundation around the ‘Ono Poke Co. brand  by leading a research and development trip to Maui for Chef Lawrence to experience authentic Hawaiian cuisine from the island’s best and prominent chefs with whom BONAFIDE has exisiting relationships with. This immediately positioned the eatery among one of the best fast-casual offerings in the cIty and continues to be talk of the town.

Photo credit:
Dong Kim


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From the start, Jessie was looking to take our brand to the next level and do more than we ever expected to do right away. She is the type of person who invests long term in her clients and with us it was about establishing the tone for the business and setting the stage for our future. Her approach includes everything from the physical restaurant, and food, to the overall atmosphere and experience of eating at ‘Ono Poke Co.. She is committed to telling our story in a way that connects the food to what we are doing in order to solidify our place in the market with our unique concept

– Steven Diep, Partner, ‘Ono Poke Co.