After successfully converting Calgarians to thin crust California-style pizza with their first venture, UNA Pizza + Wine and turning fans onto the magical powers of mezcal with their perennially popular Native Tongues Taqueria, for their most recent venture BMeX Restaurant Group owners Jayme McFayden and Kelly Black set their sights on a more ambitious concept: a small, chef-driven restaurant with an innovative and intensely seasonal menu that would delight their savviest guests with next-level Italian cuisine.

Enter Chef Kayle Burns. To the grand tradition of Rome’s food and art, Chef Kayle brings in the show by adding innovative and whimsical touches to every classic dish. Whether through combining unexpected flavours or textures, the maestro has a knack for dazzling diners without compromising the fundamentally humble nature of the cuisine. Undeniably a showman through and through, Burns exhibits great restraint in keeping his cleverly conceived and skillfully prepared dishes down-to-earth, and in doing so manages the uncanny feat of putting out plates that are once nostalgic and simultaneously surprising. It’s an extraordinarily refined bit of culinary slight-of-hand that makes every diner feel like they’re witnessing a bit of close-up magic or sharing an in-joke with the smiling ringmaster behind the pass.

Bread and Circus is Jayme and Kelly’s love letter to the eternal city. After quietly opening Fall 2017, this 34-seat jewel box of a Roman-style trattoria on trendy 17th Ave. SW has steadily built a following of in-the-know Calgary diners with a truly unique culinary offering that’s making it one of the most sought-after tables in the city.


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