In 2018, three university students from three different countries serendipitously crossed paths while working part-time at a local hardware store and their common passion for business, tech and sustainability would soon result in the launch of ALLPA Vertical Farms in 2019, a hydroponic microgreen company located in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA.

Named after Mama Allpa of South America’s Inca religion and empire, the goddess of the Earth and fertility was responsible for fruitful harvests. Their civilization was the first to grow vegetables in water and inspired the trio.

Founder Andrey Salazar hails from Colombia, grew up in a farming community and came to Canada as a refugee in 2007.  This would lead him to pursue physics at U of C and electronic engineering at SAIT. He’s the “serious” one…Methodlogical, cerebral and no doubt – a visionary. Co-founder, Venezuelan-born Guillermo Borges lived in Syria, Norway and Costa Rica before calling Alberta home, proudly becoming a Canadian citizen in 2018. As “the storyteller” he is a recent graduate from Mount Royal University majoring in marketing and minor in innovation & entrepreneurship. Alberta-born Zakk Tambasco rounds out this dynamic team as the production lead, as his love for gardening and food makes him “the taste maker” (literally).

We’re very excited to work with these fine young gents as they start their entrepreneurial journey.