No one could’ve possibly anticipated
how this year would be.

The lack of control and uncertainty was/is devastating for my clients and I and truth be told – I didn’t think I had it in me to do a BONAFIDE Box this year but one of my clients pled their case and I caved.

“It’s tradition and people really look forward to it – whether they get one or not.”

Having something to look forward to has been a rarity in this odd place I’ve been calling the “ever present”. Some days really do seem to blend into each other, don’t they?

This year, I sent media, partners and our biggest cheerleaders a pandemic survival kit – products I couldn’t live without or stocked up on for whats shaping up to be a long winter.

Click here for details and SHOP THE BOX! These locally-owned, family-run businesses make things that have brought me joy and little pleasures during very isolated times.

Although my budget was cut drastically this year and I had to make these “in-house” (LITERALLY) I can now see my floors again and it felt great to have something to look forward to. ?

The response to the products showcased this year has been overwhelming with holiday placements in publications like the Calgary Herald, VITA Daily, Culinaire Magazine, CHCH Morning News.