As a second-generation Filipino-Canadian PR professional, the pride and joy I’ve found in connecting with young, dynamic, and passionate Asian-Canadian small business owners has been profoundly fulfilling. Their contributions to our communities are significant and impactful – often made quietly with minimal fanfare and motivated by gratitude.

In 2021, BONAFIDE collaborated with Calgary-based food writer Carmen Cheng and Edmonton-based content creator Linda Hoang to orchestrate an anti-Asian hate campaign, rallying solidarity among Alberta’s culinary and hospitality community. During this time, insightful conversations exchanged with our peers led to my personal pledge and commitment to elevate the visibility and impact of Asian-Canadian entrepreneurs within these sectors. 

Today in 2024, as an extension of that pledge and in true BONAFIDE spirit, we’re sharing this curated collection of products made by our friends and fellow Asian Canadian entrepreneurs, crafted with immense pride and passion.

I hope you’ll join me in amplifying these and other Asian-Canadian entrepreneurs, brands, makers in your community throughout the month of May – Asian Heritage Month, and more importantly – all year-round.

HOLY DUCK CHILI – Louise & Chris Pang 
Original Chili Oil
Vancouver, BC

Honouring a treasured family recipe, the husband-wife duo at Holy Duck Chili have infused Canadian duck fat with East Asian spices. Anything you put this on turns into next-level umami bombs. To me, a spoonful over a crispy fried egg and a hot bowl of rice is simply heaven.

“Being Asian fills us with pride because of the rich tapestry of traditions, values, and flavours that come with it. Our culinary heritage is particularly significant—it’s not just about the taste, but the stories and memories attached to each dish. Through Holy Duck, we as husband and wife have the opportunity to share our Asian identity with Canadians. To us, our small business is a bridge between cultures. Our journey to create Holy Duck wasn’t just about launching a product; it was about preserving our heritage and sharing it with others. Every jar of Holy Duck Chili Oil carries with it the essence of our family’s recipes, passed down through generations. And when customers enjoy it, they’re not just tasting a condiment; they’re experiencing a piece of our Asian heritage! That’s something that fills me with immense pride.”

PARCH – Candy & Joyce Lam 
GLOW Instant Tea Elixir
Calgary, AB

Originally created to pay homage to the traditional Chinese herbal tea ritual, these gals have truly reimagined the modern-day version driven by wellness and convenience. Keep an eye out for PARCH in restaurant cocktail (and mocktail) programs this summer. 

“We believe the most impactful way to support Asian entrepreneurs like us is through the power of word of mouth. Asian-owned businesses contribute immensely to our communities, yet often face challenges in reaching broader audiences. As Asian Canadians, we understand the internal barriers we sometimes encounter in promoting our ventures. By actively sharing your positive experiences with Asian-owned businesses among friends, family, and colleagues, you’re not just endorsing our products or services but also helping to amplify our voices and expand our reach. In addition, offering practical assistance, facilitating connections, challenging misconceptions and advocating for Asian businesses can also make a significant difference in fostering our growth and success!”


SUGAR WATER BAR – Kyo-Jean Chung
Recipe Card
Calgary, AB 

A king of collaboration, this cocktail creator and pro mixologist (also known as Uncle Kiki) has taken PARCH’s GLOW blend and created a patio-ready mocktail recipe to celebrate Asian Heritage Month!

“Continuing to recognize the richness Asian cultures bring to our cities and communities, and thus going out to adventure, visit, and explore the different businesses in our communities like Chinatown is the best way to support Asian entrepreneurs. Since COVID, I feel we’ve lost our connection with our communities, with the downtown, with each other and that sense of adventure, that willingness to walk around, bounce from place to place, try something new, to smile at a stranger, chat with those who are serving you, and ask questions. To me, these interactions are the pillars of great communities and vibrant safe places. It doesn’t always have to be the money that supports the entrepreneur, but also the connections and the interaction that make the hard work worthwhile, to be seen recognized, and heard is powerful. So next time you feel inclined, visit some of those businesses you have been likely going to for years but maybe haven’t gone in a while, or a new spot and strike up a conversation, bring friends to catch up with. The presence more than anything I believe would be a special kind of support.”

NORTHERN BARS – Michelle Avelena & Sam Hartono
4 pcs Variety Pack
Vancouver, BC

When a Vancouver Island bake sale staple gets the ultimate glow-up – these elegant, quintessentially-Canadian treats are how I love to share a taste of home in my travels. Visiting Granville Island this July 1? Look for the “Great Canadian Nanaimo Bar Giveaway” on Canada Day

“Support diverse products and offerings without prejudice. Asian entrepreneurs do ground-breaking, innovative stuff!”

SIEMPRE ECO – Rabia Dhanani
Scrub Brush & Loofah
Edmonton, AB

More often than not, I’m on the look out for eco-friendly, cost-efficient & zero-waste products and started swapping out plastics for natural fibers. This passionate one-woman show has been an incredible resource for all things sustainable.  




Salted Caramel
Edmonton, AB

From farmers markets to now, grocery store shelves, Alysia and her buttery caramel-coated cornflake creation has developed a serious cult following. Addictive is an understatement and to many – this bag is ONE scrumptious serving.


Edmonton, AB

I was delighted to enlist this small-but mighty studio filled with talented women for BONAFIDE’s first-ever Asian Heritage Month product showcase. Liane and her team were so collaborative and easy to work with. We asked for BOLD, STRONG, PROUD – and we love the end result.




We encourage all to support Asian-owned businesses this month and throughout the year!